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SSBBW’s Kimmy & Bobbi Face Stuffing & Fat Talk

We are VERY excited to welcome Bobbi Jo to the FWP crew! Wow what a great clip this is and it was so much twisted fun to make.

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She came raging in like a bull in a china shop.

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Lots of huffing and puffing struggling for breath as I get physical and throw my newly found weight around.

SSBBW’s Kimmy & Bobbi Face Stuffing & Fat Talk

John thought he was having a real good day and thought he had a brilliant idea when he decided to put the sofa cushions on the floor and lay on top of them so Bobbi Jo could use her super wide hips and big round booty to do some squashing on his chest.

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The extremely pear shaped SSBBW Bobbi Jo Westley deserves her title as having some of the widest hips in the world.

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Super Pear Bobbi Jo in on FWP by Full Weight Productions

in his final breaths, she makes him to try and squirm his way out from under her.