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Where are Glory Holes in Jackson, Mississippi?

Individuals charged with patronizing prostitution:• You would assume it was for good.

Prostitution sting nets 21 arrests

"The problem here lies in the clandestine nature of both the prostitution and trafficking markets, making it difficult, perhaps impossible, to find hard evidence establishing this relationship," the study concludes.

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More denials came from two men, 25 year old Wilburt Coleman and 24 year old Max Gallion, dressed as women picked up for prostitution at the Deluxe Inn on Highway 80.

17 arrested in prostitution sting

Detectives "did not identify any patterns or activity to suggest that prostitution or human trafficking is prevalent in Clinton," police said.

17 arrested in prostitution sting

The youngest woman arrested was 18 and the oldest 77.

JSU president among 17 arrested in prostitution sting

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Former Miss. Fair Commission director pleads guilty to promoting prostitution

In the model where sex work is prosecuted, actual street workers are the ones who get penalized in traditional "stings.

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Anyone with information on these cases or any criminal activity related to narcotics can contact Metro Narcotics at 731-424-6485 or Crime Stoppers at 731-265-9308.

17 arrested and charged in Mississippi prostitution sting

And as unusual as it may seem today, other brothels were operating at the same time along the Mississippi River.

6 women arrested in prostitution sting in North Jackson

"If it's a child, and they're performing any sex acts, and they're held by a person which we could consider to be a trafficker, then that's trafficking.