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Ned Flanders: Ho ho ho, suckin' down the cider, uh? Hey, word to the wise...[shows Homer a card]Ned Flanders: season pass. It pays for itself after the sixteenth visit. You know, most people don't know the difference between apple cider and apple juice, but I do. Now here's a little trick to help you remember. If it's clear and yella', you've got juice there, fella. If it's tangy and brown, you're in cider town. Now, there's two exceptions and it gets kinda tricky's Brain: You can stay, but I'm leaving.[Homer's brain floats away]Ned Flanders: be yellow, if they're using late season apples. And, of course, in Canada, the whole thing's flip

" - Ned Flanders, 'The Simpsons', Season One, Episode One.

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Just like Mr Burns has no reason to remember Homer, Homer has no reason to remember Ned Flanders.

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When you meet Jesus, be sure to call him Mr.

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"I guess now we know why they call them rapids and not 'slow-pids', huh? He transformed from one of the few actually decent people in Springfield, someone that could bring out the worst and sometimes even best out of Homer, and became nothing more than a single concept played out across decades of television for cheap laughs.

Ned Flanders quotes Okily Dokily — okily dokily! is a catchphrase used by

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A close second is the affirmative okily dokily to indicate assent or approval• " That's not to say Flanders doesn't have his doubts from time to time and has struggled with his beliefs.

Ned Flanders quotes Okily Dokily — okily dokily! is a catchphrase used by

Though he is very firm about his religion and practices it strictly, he is often surprised by contradicting ideas about it.

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To be honest, nobody actually knows what the term specifically means, but I guess I can vaguely describe it as Homer being a jerkass.

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Quotes by Ned Flanders are often funny so the viewers like his character a lot.