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Since angles are also an issue -- the vaginal canal is curved slightly upward, and erections can have all sorts of different curves of their own -- vaginal that's "all" the way in may be comfortable in some positions, or not others.

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Free Pussy Porn Videos: Tight, Hairy & Shaved Girls

As well, usually for couples new to intercourse, even if everyone's size is a puzzle-piece perfect fit, for at least the first few times, deep vaginal entry probably won't feel so good, both because it's new, and because often everyone is so nervous and anxious that high during first intercourse can be unlikely so your vagina won't loosen and expand as much as it could otherwise.

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If the two of you have good together, both very much want to have intercourse and are emotionally and practically prepared for it, and you both are coming to it ready to be responsive to each other's needs and comfort, you've got all you need.

Free Pussy Porn Videos: Tight, Hairy & Shaved Girls

In fact, it's pretty easy to figure out that what makes any kind of "real" and meaningful is when any two people care enough about each other's comfort and pleasure to make whatever adjustments and adaptations they need to so that it feels good for everyone, rather than trying to live up to some sort of ideal or external and often unrealistic standard.

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You and your partner may want to be a bit more gradual than that, depending on how it feels for you as you go.